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10/30/18 For those having Bowen Therapy for  Neuropathy, do not get a regular massage until your results are well established. I did three Bowen treatments once a week for 3 weeks and had great results. Then two weeks later I had a regular massage, and it erased all my gains. I am starting all over with another 3 treatments once a week,  then hope to progress to twice a month. Arlene Graves, Stockton Ca.

10/8/18  My 2nd Bowen therapy.  MaryAnn spent a little over an hour nearly this time. After the 1st session, I could feel my Asthma much improved, and my breathing open up.  This time it was my left foot was tingling for at least an hour afterward.  This is the foot my neuropathy is especially numb.  Can’t wait until next week to see what my 3rd treatment brings.  I will continue these Bowen Treatments monthly for a while. Arlene Graves. Stockton, Ca

9/28/18 My first experience with Bowen Therapy. Wow! I wasn't expecting to feel results for a couple of days. I felt something during the therapy. I have severe asthma and felt my breathing improve within a half hour of starting the therapy.. That was an added bonus for me. I tried this for Neuropathy and had no idea it worked so well with Asthma.  Arlene Graves, Stockton,  Ca

4/23/18 MaryAnn is amazing. So knowledgeable kind and welcoming. Her Bowen Therapy is very helpful to my body. My overall experience continues to be excellent since I started seeing her since October 2012. 

4/15/18 I always receive an exceptional massage from Maryann.  I can always count on the best service from Maryann.  The staff is also professional, friendly, and helpful.   I would highly recommend Maryann for a Massage. Diana Garcia  Turlock, Ca

2/20/18  I give MaryAnn a rating of 10 across the board. Not only have I come back, but my wife is also scheduled for a Massage.                   Larry Ingram, Modesto Ca.

11/9/17 MaryAnn is a skilled Bowen Practitioner. I have been to many Bowen therapists over the years and MaryAnn is one of the best. MaryAnn has been doing Bowen therapy on me weekly for the past 7 months, helping me with my lower back pain, Sciatica, and neck pain.  I'm an RN an I'm pretty beat up physically. In a week or so I'm hoping to return to work. Thank you, Bowen and MaryAnn, without you I would still be laying in bed with horrible pain.  Tammy Price    Groveland Ca,

11/4/17 The Bowen Therapy was amazing and what I appreciated the most was your thoroughness. I've had Bowen sessions in the past with another practitioner but he only addressed the main issue so I felt like it was calming but rather quick sessions. With you, every part of my body had plenty of time to relax and let go. I left feeling peaceful yet rejuvenated. What I appreciated the most was your warmth and kindness as it was evident that you care for your clients. Thank you MaryAnn!!!       Eric Evangelista   Modesto Ca.

10/28/17 My Experience was a 10 all the way around. I would highly recommend MaryAnn, and  I will continue to see her!                                         Linda Burnett   Modesto Ca

10/20/17 MaryAnn is not only a great therapist, she's a wonderful human being! Paula Abney Modesto Ca

I highly recommend MaryAnn and her Services. She is Not only a highly qualified professional, but a Very Giving person. I had the pleasure and Good feeling of enjoying her work while visiting my sister in Northern California in Groveland, Ca.  I live in Southern California and will schedule another session with MaryAnn every time I travel to Northern California. I Only wish she had an office near me and I would be a Constant client of her Wonderful Services. This is a Sincere and honest recommendation and testimonial.  John T. Carr Founder&CEO Charitable Giving Foundation  Santa Barbra Ca.


MaryAnn is thorough in her work. She is well educated in many techniques in massage and in Holistic Health. That assures customers satisfaction. By listening to the body's needs. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is in need of holistic health and massage or just plain relaxation.    Natalie Capps, Turlock Ca.

I would very heartily recommend MaryAnn's therapy. My husband and I have both received several treatments from MaryAnn. It is amazing! We always come away feeling a lot better than we felt prior to her treatments. MaryAnn is a person of integrity, honesty, and love and these things are demonstrated in her presence.      Alice Vigil, Groveland Ca

MaryAnn's dedication and experience is expressed both when working with her clients or her colleagues. Her presence and style of touch are attentive, precise, comforting and healing. Honest, sincere, with a high level of accountability and integrity toward her profession. A true gift in the work of therapy.    Dennis Rizzi  Carmel Ca.

I received a treatment from MaryAnn Sumaraga; in fact, it was the second time. They were both and the best ever I had. I felt so relaxed and my body actually felt light. I know I will continue to see her monthly. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Josie Tamaz, Groveland, Ca

MaryAnn Sumaraga is one of the best bodywork I have ever experienced. I have used many treatment approaches for my muscle disorder and found that MaryAnn's method was a perfect match to produce pain relief. She also helped alleviate my back pain plus, she is one of the most intuitive and kindest souls on the planet. Give yourself a treat with her treatment.   Dr. Ann Schiefer, Clinical Psychologist, Groveland Ca.

The level of service with MaryAnn Sumaraga is fantastic! I have been a customer, and am consistently impressed by the professionalism of MaryAnn. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease with her presence. After my treatment, I felt so good. I came in with lower back pain, and after just a few treatments of Bowenwork I started to feel better. After having 6 consecutive treatments per her advise based on my condition, I feel great and no more back pain! Thank you MaryAnn ....I will be back again and again!!      Francine Via Nueva   Sonora Ca.

In this day and age, it's hard to find a good Holistic Health Practitioner and massage therapist all wrapped up in one package like MaryAnn Sumaraga. Getting a Bowenwork treatment instead of a Massage as she suggested was the thing I needed. I have had many massages in the past, but it was nothing like Bowenwork treatment. After 6 consecutive treatments under her advise, I no longer suffer any lower back pain. I feel great and energized. MaryAnn insisted that I place myself in the special nutritional diet she developed; while going through my 6-week treatment. She guaranteed that I would feel younger, energized, revitalized and feel like a new person...she was right! I no longer have any back pain and I have lost 10 pounds in just 3 weeks and I feel great!  I would recommend her to any of my family members and friends; she is honest, and truly focused on how to make you feel better and healthier. Keep up the good work! I'll be back for much more treatment just to maintain my health. Molly Castiglia, Modesto Ca.

MaryAnn listened to where my pain was and she used her expert knowledge of the body and her expert skill to relieve all the pain. I typically have to struggle a bit getting up from sitting or kneeling on the ground, but right after MaryAnn worked on me, I had to literally get on the floor to look for something at the back of a bottom shelf, and when I went to lift myself up, I did it with the ease of a 10-year-old (I'm 51)! I've been to many CMT'S in Modesto and, in my opinion, MaryAnn is the best. She has a special gift to heal.

MaryAnn used a technique using my breathing in connection with her pressure on a muscle in my groin area that eliminated the ache in my middle back. She also uses the aromatherapy that seems perfectly suited to a particular person.    Yolande Wiggens, Modesto Ca


I purchased a 3 massage package from Groupon last summer for MaryAnn's Aromatherapy. The scheduling was easy: I called MaryAnn's cell phone and left a message. She returned my call the next day and we scheduled for about 2 weeks later. When I showed up for my appointment, MaryAnn was friendly but professional. (I have had some overly chatty massage therapists in the past and it drives me crazy when they talk during my massage.) Prior to the massage, we discussed the type of pressure I prefer along with the type of scents I like. The massage was fabulous! I was so relaxed. MaryAnn uses techniques I have not had before like wrapping your feet in hot towels. I have now had 7 massages and I have more scheduled.       Nicole Edington, Modesto, Ca.


Mary Ann gives a great massage.  The room is very comfortable relaxing and overall enjoyable..  She herself is a wonderful gal... makes you feel comfortable, appearance very nice. She doesn't have any odor, body or breath which for those who get regular massage this is important.  She moves gracefully and confidently. She is sensitive and intuitive to talk or not talk giving a great overall experience.. I gladly pay for her services as I'm satisfied to get my moneys worth.  I've gone to her for almost a year twice a month and have recently added appts to go weekly.. Ive been getting massage for 25 years and she is only the 2nd therapist that I've added as a regular apt to my life. I hope to always have her in my life she's a quality person.        Julie Pereria, Modesto Ca


I have been suffering from Tinnitus for 11 months and have seen  nine different doctors to say from many MD's to ENT's to Neurologist and then to Chiropractor Neurologist.  All have told me there is nothing they can do for me or help me get some relief from the ringing in the ears.  They all pretty much told to to LIVE or COPE with it!!!  My tinnitus was getting worse to where I would be distracted and annoyed by the sounds. I couldn't ignore the buzzing or hissing noises in my ears and head. It was stressing me out.  I tried white noises and other remedies.  I still couldn't sleep well at night.  My tinnitus is 24/7 all day long and never stops. I  became so desperate and searched deeper online for other methods that other ppl have tried and helped them get some relief from Tinnitus.  I discovered CranioSacral Therapy and read good comments.  I picked up a brochure on MaryAnn Aromatherapy and read about her.  I called her up and we talked  and she took her time to talk to me and answered my questions.  She sounded very caring.  I felt comfortable.  I had my appt recently for my 1st session.  The therapy was very soothing, relaxing and gentle.  I have had tension on my head for many years and my head always felt sore to the touch but this therapy she did relieved sooo much tension and i can feel the difference.  Honestly, and I can't believe it myself my tinnitus has calm down and I know she mentioned I would need few more sessions.  I am thinking positive about this therapy                                                                                                                                     Rita Z, Manteca Ca.

Best Massage in Modesto, I've gone to a few places, usually I start with a groupon but deal or not, MaryAnn has given me 200% service. Amazing Massage, doesn't charge extra to go deeper, love her personality but she is also good about keeping the convo when I start to get relaxed. I've had a few prenatal massages too and she is just as amazing. She books out pretty far out for later, more convenient appointments but if your willing to wait, she is amazing!  I always feel amazing after each session with MaryAnn.                                                                  Jessica Johnson, Modesto Ca

Maryann, Don't know exactly what you did with this Bowen therapy , but it helped.  You're amazing!  Thanks.
Patricia H. Modesto Ca

Thank you for once again for giving me a thorough relaxing massage! I always know I will leave feeling better than I came in.                          Nedra Overby Modesto Ca.

MaryAnn Sumaraga is one of the best therapist I have used for therapy. I have tried and used the services of several other therapist. She is superior practitioner!       Patricia Diven-Modesto Ca

I have seen MaryAnn Sumaraga  bi weekly for over four years and have always had a wonderful experience each and every time                Debbie Paul- Oakdale Ca.

725/17 MaryAnn is excellent as always!!!                                                                                                                                                                      Brian Gilbert, Modesto Ca

7/26/17 Maryann is wonderful and I feel very comfortable with her-                                                                                                                    Hannah Bailey,  Modesto Ca.






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